Blackminer Bluestar L1 4900M

  • Manufacturer: Blackminer
  • Model:Blackminer Bluestar L1 4900M
  • Warranty:180 days from the manufacturer
  • Performance:4900 Megagashes per second
  • Power consumption:1576 W
  • Power Supply:Built-in
  • Operating temperature:0 °C to 40°C
Description: Blackminer Bluestar L1 4900M is a powerful cryptocurrency mining miner produced by Blackminer. It has a high performance of 4,900 Megagashes per second and consumes 1,576 watts of electricity. The miner is equipped with a built-in power supply, which provides ease of use and less energy consumption. The operating temperature of the miner is in the range from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. In addition, the miner has a 180-day warranty from the manufacturer.

Location: Shenzhen

Brand: Blackminer

Currency: CKB

Availability: In Stock

Currency: GRIN

Currency: AE